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Motor Vehicle & Equipment Finance

We are a team of experienced finance professionals dedicated to making your next vehicle or equipment purchase an easy one. We offer you the highest level of personal service taking all the frustration and worry out of the equation.  Let Goldram arrange for the pre-approval of your next purchase leaving you free to get on with work or play.  We'll negotiate with the banks and finance companies to secure the most suitable financial product for your business or individual needs.

Motor Vehicle Finance                                                       Vehicles can be financed for both businesses and individuals, for business or personal use. There are several finance options available, click on any of the options below for a brief description of each in the scroll box to the right.

  Lease Chattel Mortgage
  Novated Lease Consumer Loan
  Commercial Hire Purchase  

Equipment Finance                                                                    All manner of goods can be financed, from the small home office set up to the multimillion dollar manufacturing plant, from boats to trucks to planes, at Goldram we do it all!

  Lease Chattel Mortgage
  Commercial Hire Purchase Rental


Let our dedicated group of professionals take the hassle out of your next equipment or vehicle purchase ... CALL GOLDRAM TODAY or FILL IN OUR ONLINE APPLICATION, and let us do the rest.

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