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Business Loans

This loan gives the customer a flexible loan facility to suit their cashflow requirements. Customers can choose either fixed rate or Variable rate. The loan can also be split between fixed and variable rates. This product will suit customers who require all the funds up-front, want the choice between interest only & principal and interest repayments and want a set loan term with a fixed monthly repayment.



This facility is a flexible line of credit providing access to funds to manage day to day cash flow needs of a business. This product will suit businesses with short term working capital requirements, to fund operational needs.



Line of Credit

While similar to an overdraft the main difference with this product is that it is designed for core or long term debt with the customers balance expected to fluctuate near the total approved limit and seldom to hold a credit balance. This product will suit customers who are after a long term debt facility with the flexibilty to have access to their funds electronically or by writing cheque's. This account is also suited to clients who would like to pay the facility off at their own pace and who would like the ability to redraw up to the approved limit as they require it.



Bill Facility

A Bill Facility is an arrangement between the customer and the bank under which one or more Bills are drawn down up to a maximum credit limit. A borrowing bill is a promise made by the customer to pay the bank a specified amount (the face value of the Bill) on a specified future date (the maturity date). This product will suit customers who want control over their cash flow and require funds for either short-term working capital or for longer term finance.


Receivables Finance

Receivables finance helps to provide working capital, secured by the clients trade receivables. This product will suit customers that would like to improve their cash flow by converting money that is owed to them into cash.